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Rabu, 15 April 2015

If the Star of Earth is Not Sun

Crowded place did not deter me to see you at that night.

Blink and hustle....
Shindig and babble....

Still, i was gazing on you.
Drowned deep by everything on you.

A moment of trepidation and curious mingled at the same time.

I collected all tremendous courage and bravery.
Until came my audacity to ask your beautiful name.

I got your dazzling smile and your alluring soul for the first time.

A terribly clumsy guy has danced ahead her, me.
I don't care, i just want to close with her.

The warmest halation, like no any distinction between you and sun.

This feeling grew rosier day by day.
I'm in effusive love, since i found that bright gush.

I worked very hard to overcome this feeling stay calm.

Grateful i've been lighted by you
The more i know you, the more i love you.

And yesterday, the night seems have been created only for us.

Salty and bitter....
Homesick and nostalgic....

We sensed our feeling through plate and mug.
We also tasted our sensation through pictures and stars.

If the star of earth is not sun, then it must be you.

Who always shining on me every day,
Don't go away, because i never want to walk in pitch black.

Berlin, April 15, 2015

Tubagus Aryandi Gunawan

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