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Jumat, 20 Februari 2015

Escapade of Incognito

you've accused me many things
and also pushed me many ways

and i don't even like it, probably no one will like it.

It's more than just torture for me
strung up by sorrow

something i know nothing about how to overcome all of these

i believe no pure coincidence
i'm sure that i had strayed

no matter how meager the way and time to come out

just desire to numb all the day
or to obscure these heinous thoughts

gazing around devoid of any expression

i felt cornered
trembling inside

i need to be salvaged by someone out there

no more crestfallen
what a foolish catastrophe

our fate may not turn out any rosier

all of distinction between us
i felt nauseous

the world seems never been created for us

your suspicions only makes you apprehensive
why are you pestering yourself? over and over again

i just overwhelmed of being guy you've always wanted

amongst the hustle and bustle days
this is the end to hostile to myself

i'm not a beggar of any love

never again astonished by fake vow
i was surrendering to my emotion

my last pleading, please lose your grasp on me, don't fret.

see my clumsily visage
then look into my eyes

eyes are window to the soul of any incognito

don't believe anybody
don't depend anybody

make up your own mind, build your own independence

Egypt, February 20, 2015

Tubagus Aryandi Gunawan

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