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Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

Never Was, Never Will

Occasionally i may looks very morose.
Then everyone around asked "What's happened to you?"
I told them, "Nothing".

Not too often also i may being a jolly man.
Then someone said me "You are crazy, man!"
I just replied, "No, i'm not".

Could be moody, or..
That's the real of me.

I confessed that i'm always tricked by uncontrolled mood and mind.
I also admitted if all the things i did is very depend on my logical think.

I still figuring out amongst of many distraction.
I would like all criticism is aimed to me.

Hmm.. Also could be overly selfish,
Meanwhile "another somebody" begin to hate me.

I recognize myself as the one who has an obstinate thoughts
At least, i acknowledge that i only speak the point that i knew before.

Everyone possess the bad habit, everyone also desire to devastate it.
Nothing can enhance values of character, but personality.

In the every way to pursue the better personality.
History is used to abandoning bad things in life, belong the trivial story.
In the path toward the better personality, i have to life beyond of bad habit.

I would never resemble of anybody's personality.
Innermost my own mind, i've collected lot of good life's values.

I may changes all the time,
But for sure, i would say fondly,
"My character, never was changed and never will changes."

Egypt, December 31, 2014

Tubagus Aryandi Gunawan

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