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Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

mighty night

i remember all the things at that time,
when no body didn't really see me.

i keep strugling all day long,
when somebody had start enjoying the life.

i put all the feeling into my heart,
when everybody shared the story obviously,

and till i've been in here,


the cold,
the breeze,
the night,
the stars,

they are the only that i have.


these are not sufficient against my feeling.

still, this is what i ever wanted,
to find the necessary place,
to describe everything from my mind.

i was not considering you to be with me anymore,
i won't to pretend being anybody else than me,

this is the way i convey to the universe,
to tell what was i thought.

oh anyway, beneath of my feeling.
i miss some one.

at the first time,
i found you in the rooftop party,
and in many accident way and time,

evening in the stairs,
morning in the outside cafetaria,
midnight in the outside our dorm.

the only you and me,

i am crush right now.

yes, i know, i do.
of course i know, i should not.

i would like to stop thinking about you in every minute.

Egypt, October 21, 2014

Tubagus Aryandi Gunawan

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