Hidup terasa begitu penuh kejutan. Mondar mandir antara suka dan duka. Tidak sedang berada di sebuah roda berputar atau sedang mendaki gunung. Tapi sedang menjadi peran utama dalam skenario misterius dan unik ciptaan Tuhan. Tetaplah mencari "Benang Merah" dari setiap kisah nyata.

Rabu, 21 April 2010

-The Sickest of Me-

Just like what people want, nice life. Nothing could be real, especially me. No wonder my life goin nothing, maybe just for a moment or for ever in this life. But, to be me is too precious to ignore, I love the way I spent my precious time. I got my pleasure anytime I would. Exactly you could stop me, but not my mind, its gonna crazier more than you expect.

You’re right when you said I’m not brainy. I’m not brainy at what you did. I’m not talented one. I’m sophisticate in my job. We’re so different and never be the same. God made us within completely complicated stuff ever, in that way, crash always happened. And I think, that is God’s problem, not mine. I’d doin my best as I could. And never absence in the deep of enjoying my life.

One more, I’m a serious guy. Serious to be witty and serious to be thinker. Then cannot be in the middle. This is me, if you wanna love me, love me as love yourself, if you don't, leave me please. And I loves you when you loves me.


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