Hidup terasa begitu penuh kejutan. Mondar mandir antara suka dan duka. Tidak sedang berada di sebuah roda berputar atau sedang mendaki gunung. Tapi sedang menjadi peran utama dalam skenario misterius dan unik ciptaan Tuhan. Tetaplah mencari "Benang Merah" dari setiap kisah nyata.

Minggu, 25 April 2010

-Endorphin’s Soul-

Feeling better in whole heartedly. Because with just single minded, you could pass lot of short step by a long step. Do you know other way i choose to skip the short step? Keep in walking on your dream, not flying, because we don’t have any wing, we have foot. Make your way comprehensiveness. Big planning, by your dreaming. Do, from small right now. Review, periodic checking. Focus action, talk less. Then promise to yourself as a commitment. And please be a person whose have a big consistency to succeed. And then fix your success is your consequence. Last, your trouble is your pain, your pain make you addicted to get it.

Here a hope begin on you, enjoy your great journey. Don’t worry, the adrenaline hormone in your body would help your soul powerful, and wait for endorphin hormone to make it addicted to you. Enough and complete. You‘ll flowing to the mountaintop.

Yeah, it’s about addicted. I was addicting on you.


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