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Sabtu, 03 April 2010

-Antarctica’s Angel-

Definitely that’s not a simple case for who was in trouble of heart. When a young men found the cutest face of angel in his eyes. The angel with all of the beauty that men dreaming ever. With her brilliant wings, the angel come and go to the blossoms near from his grandpa’s house. Like an angel in the fairytale, wonderful on the first side, the angel must be show that one. The angel do keep this feeling by distance. he know she did it.

The men is reveal all his mind and his future in frame of love. But the angel answer with run away, the angel was flying to the south tonight. Quickness flying with no resistance in the blue sky and no tears down on her face. Love, just Love giving the men a lot of foot to get the angel back. The men attack the inhibition in his way to the south land.

He didn’t know exactly why she’s gone. She always keep the truth from her mouth and that’s so bad. She’s thinking by herself to herself. No share and no time.

Till the time show off the right one. The man that already sick on her. Scratch, laceration, burn, and gore is on his body when he arrived in the south land, Antarctica. And the man faces the angel with a lot of downright man in this land. Oh god, this is a cool stuff of trap. Damn it.

Wait and see, what is the blood feud will do for Antarctica's Angel.


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